Senator Carson Talks to Selectmen on Water Issues

The Hudson Board of Selectmen received an update from Hudson’s State Sen. Sharon Carson during the March 26 meeting in regards to legislation currently being debated in Concord.
“As you may recall, the Board of Selectmen authorized a letter to be sent to State Senator Sharon Carson to add the Town of Hudson to House Bill 1114, which is the bill to extend the commission investigating and analyzing the health impacts related to the release of PFOA and PFAS chemicals in Merrimack, Bedford, Londonderry, and Litchfield,” Town Administrator, Steve Malizia, wrote in a memo to the Board of Selectmen.
He explained that the “Committee overseeing the bill voted to add Hudson to the bill. “
With Carson at the meeting, was former NH Senate President, Chuck Morse, with Carson noting he is heavily involved with water issues.
“He just has so much experience,” Carson said.
She also noted that she sent out emails to all the state representatives saying, “they have been very involved in this issue.”
Carson noted that a public hearing on the legislation hasn’t been scheduled yet, but she would let them know in case they want to testify by either writing letters or appearing in person.
“I suspect that you do support the legislation,” Carson said.
Morse said there are a number of different funding sources that local communities can look at applying for when it comes to addressing PFAS and other water issues.
“There’s money in a lot of different buckets,” he said, including grants, federal funds, and low interest loans.
Selectman, David Morin, asked if there is any funding to decontaminate their current wells so they can use them.
Morse said he doesn’t think that is the best idea moving forward.
“I’m not sure that’s the solution for the future,” he said.
Ultimately, he said what will be important is to get public water, for the long term.
“In the long run it’s gonna be public water that you need,” he said.
It was also brought up during the meeting that last year there was a program for homeowners to get relief, if they have PFAS, and other harmful chemicals in their wells, so they can get it remediated.
“As far as I know, it’s still available,” Carson said.
In another update, Carson said there was a hearing on legislation for a portion of route 111 in Hudson, to be named Senator Robert E. Clegg Jr. Memorial Highway, which earned the support of the Committee and would be going to a full vote by the Senate.

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