School Board Review Proposed Policy Changes

By Alex Malm

During the Nov. 6 School Board meeting, the School Board had several first readings regarding policy changes.
One of the policies was in regards to when students can enter the school, which states, “The policy of the Hudson School Board is to admit students to first grade whose sixth birthday occurs on or before September 30, in accordance with RSA 193:1 Duty of Parent; Compulsory Attendance by Pupil:
A parent/guardian of any child at least 6 years of age and under 18 years of age shall cause such child to attend the public school to which the child is assigned in the child’s resident district. Such a child shall attend full time when such school is in session.”
Superintendent, Daniel Moulis, said the proposed changes were in regards to waiver requests saying before all requests went to the School Board, now they would be handled at the administrative level, and if parents aren’t satisfied with the decision then an appeal could be made to the School Board.
Another policy is related to restraint, seclusion, and intentional physical contact policy, which has a policy statement that states “It is the policy of the Hudson School District that restraint of a child/student shall only be used in a school to ensure the immediate physical safety of persons when there is a substantial and imminent risk of serious bodily harm to the child or others. It shall be used only by trained personnel using extreme caution when all other interventions have failed or have been deemed inappropriate. Restraint shall never be used explicitly or implicitly as punishment for the behavior of a child. (RSA 126-U:5). Seclusion also may not be used as a form of punishment or discipline.”
Moulis said there were “some significant legislative changes to the law,” and they had a complete policy rewrite.
The proposed policy statement would be, “This policy is designed to help ensure the safety and dignity of all students by limiting and regulating the use of restraint and seclusion only as crisis or emergency responses. Restraint and seclusion of students is prohibited in the district except as described below.”
The School Board also had a first reading for a new proposed policy related to ACN Nursing Mothers Accommodations. “This is a new policy for the board to review for first review this evening,” Moulis told the School Board.
The policy statement of purpose reads: “The district provides a supportive environment as to time and place for students and employees (collectively “nursing mothers”). Subject to the terms and exceptions set forth in this policy, the district will accommodate the needs of nursing mothers by providing reasonable times and suitable spaces for nursing mothers to nurse during school and work hours for one year after the birth of the child. Nursing for purposes of this policy will include expression of milk by manual or mechanical means.
No nursing mother will be discriminated against for nursing or nursing related activities as provided in this policy, and reasonable efforts will be made to assist nursing mothers in meeting their infant feeding goals while at work or school.”
The School Board approved the first readings for all the proposed policies heard during the meeting. The next School Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 20. If you would like to see the policies and proposed changes in detail you can go to the School Board Agendas and minutes section of the School District website

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