Quinceañera Ball Draws a Crowd at Alvirne High

Alvirne High School’s Spanish Club hosted its second annual Quinceañera Ball on Friday night, March 8, in the schools cafeteria.
The Quinceañera Ball was billed as a fun way to experience one of the traditions of the Latin community and was sponsored by the Spanish Language Club and the Spanish Honor Society.
The Quinceañera, also known as “Fiesta de 15 Años” is the celebration of a young women’s 15th birthday. It marks the transition of a young girl’s step into womanhood.
The celebration is much like sweet sixteens or Bat Mitzvah parties that take place in America.
Hudson Superintendent, Dan Moulis, and Alvirne Principal, Steven Beals, opened the event by welcoming the attendees, followed by an explanation of the tradition by members of the Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society.
To start the event, Julianna Foley was led in by Carmela Sehespi, where Sehespi was handed Foley’s “Last Doll.” That led into the changing of the shoes featuring student Janelle Quintana. Following that, there was Tiara Crowning of the other girls involved in the ceremony.
Couples were led into the café after JROTC Cadets formed an Arch of Sabers for the girls to pass under.
From there, students and their partners took part in a ballroom-style dance followed by the party with food, drink and a number of birthday cakes.

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