Superintendent Lays Out Proposed Goals For 2024

By Alex Malm

Hudson Superintendent, Daniel Moulis, presented the School Board with proposed goals for 2024 during the Nov. 20 meeting. At the previous meeting, he presented several proposed goals to the School Board, however, they suggested he look at some changes, after they felt some of them could be done over the course of a couple of years.
One of the goals originally was to “Increase academic performance based upon summative assessments by 10%-15%,” which includes increasing graduation rates from 83.7% to 90%. Board members suggested that it may be too lofty of a goal for one year, so instead he is proposing that the graduation rate in 23/24 is 86.7% for a goal, and 90% the following year.
To improve math performance by 5-10% in 2023-2024, which would be “based upon state assessments, district assessments, and Advanced Placement test results” Moulis added. His hope is to see the same results for reading and writing.
Moulis plans to continue to have assessment reports to the School Board during the Fall, mid-year, and the Spring “to demonstrate academic progress and goals for improvement.”
A overarching goal is to “provide a new direction and vision for the district.” Some of the evidence of accomplishing this goal includes during the budget process he “will provide a detailed vision for school and district needs focused on students’ academic growth, social and emotional learning, curriculum improvement, and school facilities improvements.” He said they also plan to reinstate the Strategic Planning Committee with new membership.
Moulis said he hopes to have listening sessions to gain public feedback from the community, families, staff, and students.
“Create systems to continue to improve district communication with families, community, teachers and staff, and students.” Moulis has set as an additional goal. Some of the ways he plans to do this is by reviewing the district website and making recommendations for improvement.
He also has plans to see increased transparency with school district committees, agendas, meetings and notes available for the public, along with continuing to share good news through social media, among other things.
The final goal he proposed was to continue “attendance and participation at professional conferences, workshops, seminars, and meetings with colleagues.”
Moulis said he hopes to participate in the South Central meetings with superintendents and to attend a national conference “focused on curriculum, instruction, academic improvement and leadership growth.”

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