Selectmen Pick Guessferd As New Chair of the Board

Following the March election, the Hudson Board of Selectmen was tasked with choosing a new Chair and Vice Chair during its March 25 meeting. “It’s time to nominate and select a member as Chair and then to nominate a select member as Vice Chair,” Town Administrator, Steve Malizia, said.
Selectman, Kara Roy, nominated Bob Guessferd for the position, who was unanimously supported by the rest of the Board.
Picked as Vice Chair was Dillon Dumont, who won his re-election campaign.
During the liaison reports, newly selected Selectman, Heidi Jakoby, thanked the people in town for going out to vote.
“I just want to say thank you to all those who came out and voted and congratulate all those who were elected,” she said.
She also thanked outgoing Board of Selectmen Chair, Marilyn McGrath, who ran unsuccessfully for one of two positions against Dumont and Jakoby, for her years of service to the town.
“I’m honored and humbled to be on the Selectboard, I really look forward to working with everyone on this Board,” Jakoby said. “My hope is that all the elected officials and appointed individuals, volunteers, and employees of the town can come together as a team. It is with understanding and respect we can serve Hudson to the best of our ability continuing the goal of keeping Hudson a great place to call home.”
She also explained that leadership begins with “understanding and teamwork.”
“The Board of Selectmen is a team charged with leading this town. My hope is as a team we can set a direction for Hudson that meets the needs and expectations of today and well into the future,” Jakoby said.
Dumont also thanked McGrath for her years of service, and addressed what happened at the end of a recent meeting when Roy and Selectman, David Morin, were in a back and forth over transparency on the Board. He said he felt the Board disrespected the public and Town staff.
“We need to be the gold standard. I can’t speak for the entire Board, but personally I would like to apologize to our staff and the public who witnessed that,” Dumont said. “We need to treat everybody with respect. It’s that simple.”
Guessferd said he would likely make more comments at the next meeting, but was thankful for being chosen as the Chair for the next year.
“I will do everything I can to serve in a respectful manner,” he said.

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