Hudson Voters Pass Eight Articles on School Ballot

The Hudson School District held the annual election on Tuesday, March 12, and just over 3,000 voters came out to on nine Warrant Articles, with just one failing.
For the election of officers to serve on the School Board for three years, the only candidate to sign up for the position, Grace Kennedy, won with 1,657 votes. A previous member of the board, Gretchen Whiting, had a write-in campaign that brought her 481 votes.
For the nine Warrant Articles, all but one passed, with the petition article to change the Election Voting Day failing 875 to 2,229.
Article 1: The Operating Budget of $67,509,020, passed 2,375 to 764.
Article 2: The Collective Bargaining Agreement with PSRPs AFT Local #6245, of $751.496, passed 2,090 to 1,050.
Article 3: The Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME of $155,027, passed 1,973 to 1,141.
Article 4: The Roof Replacement at Dr. H.O. Smith Elementary School, at $250,000, passed 2,790 to 342.
Article 5: Science Labs at Hudson Memorial School, at $200,000, passed 2,736 to 400.
Article 6: To Renovate Checkers Kitchen, at Alvirne High School, for $250,000, passed 2,567 to 565.
Article 7: To Replace Hallway Flooring at Hudson Memorial School, for $94,000, passed 2,701 to 426.
Article 8: To Establish a Capital Reserve Account for Alvirne Farm, for $150,000, passed 2,664 to 476.
Note: Election results information obtained through the School District website.

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