Four Candidates Look to Fill Two Selectmen Seats

In an effort to give readers a more informed opinion on the candidates running for the two seats available for the three-year term on Hudson’s Board of Selectmen, our publisher, Deb Paul, reached out to all four candidates.
Two of the four candidates responded to a question we gave them on what makes them the best choice for voters.
The only other contested race in Hudson’s March 12 Town Election is for a three-year seat as a Library Trustee.
Lisa Weber and Ruth Sessions are looking to be elected to one, three-year term seat.

Dillon Dumont – Incumbent

My name is Dillon Dumont, and I’m a candidate for the Hudson Selectmen three-year term. I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people since I was elected to a one-year term in March of last year. In order to strengthen the planning department and assist with code enforcement, I took part in the employment of a new assistant planner, and zoning administrator during that period. I also participated in the hiring of a new DPW Director.
As a member of the zoning ordinance review committee, I contributed suggestions to address zoning issues in Hudson. Successfully participated in the DPW and Fire Department contract negotiations. Voted in favor of and assisted in funding a pilot program to install strobe lights to stop lights at problematic intersections to increase visibility and safety.
While serving on the Benson park committee I was able to Coordinated a donation for a second entrance to the dog park from gate city fence and finalized the donation of a golf cart. All of this while voting for a level funded budget.
I have the capacity to go across the aisle and collaborate with people from all different backgrounds to obtain the best results for Hudson, and I am really proud of the job that I was able to accomplish in just one year.
I am a lifelong resident in Hudson and I am very proud of our town. I will always prioritize Hudson. For these reasons I am asking your vote on March 12th.
Thank you
Dillon Dumont

Heidi Jakoby

I am honored to be running for the Board of Selectmen three-year term and appreciate your willingness to get to know me as a candidate. As a first-generation college graduate, I have always worked hard. In a variety of ways, I have dedicated myself to helping others and my community.
My varied work experience includes contractor, retail, food service, corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurism. This combination has given me a unique perspective on community.
Most importantly, what I will bring to the Board of Selectmen is an ability to actively listen and respond to all members of the community. This includes employees of the town and other town officials. Connecting efforts from various groups will help to create a more efficient and effective BOS. Transparency and continuous communication to the public is the key to moving Hudson forward, with the support and understanding of all community members. Fostering an atmosphere of agreeing to disagree agreeably, will give more members of our community the comfort necessary to share their views, concerns, and celebrations. The Hudson community does not have to agree on everything, but everything needs to be clearly communicated in a way that all can understand.
Over the past year I have connected with various people in and around the Hudson Community, to assist with communication and community building. Researching a way to get a weekly town newspaper succeeded when I was introduced to Nutfield Publishing. In turn, I discovered they were hoping to expand into Hudson for a while, but needed a person to help them connect with the community.
Additionally, when I realized I was young enough to join the Senior Center, I paired up with Kathy Martinek who was working on a Home Lock Box program. Together with the Police Department that program is now up and running.
I want to serve the entire Hudson community. As a Selectman I will continuously communicate, research, and ask questions to move Hudson forward and to ensure Hudson continues to be “A Great Town to Call Home”. I can be reached through my website: or Facebook: Heidi Jakoby Hudson Unite.

The Hudson Times reached out to all candidates several times through the email addresses supplied by the Hudson Town Clerk and even extended the deadline a week to accommodate them, but we did not get responses from candidates Marilyn McGrath and Richard J. Weissgarber

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